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In the spring of 2006, the International Judicial Academy, in partnership with the American Society of International Law, began publication of an on-line judicial magazine, the International Judicial Monitor. The International Judicial Academy assumed primary responsibility for the publication of the International Judicial Monitor in 2008. This publication is published four times a year. Each issue has regular features, including the following:

Justice in Profile — This column contains biographical information of a leading international judge.

International Tribunal Spotlight — This column contains a complete description of one of the many international courts or dispute resolution tribunals around the world.

Cases of Note — This section contains summaries of important cases in international law from domestic or international courts and tribunals.

Global Judicial Dialogue — This column features commentary by an individual judge from the United States or some other country about a topic of interest to all judges around the world.

General Principles of International Law - The section describes and discusses a particular principle of international law, how it was developed and is applied by domestic and international courts.

Leading Figures in International Law - This section provides a biographical sketch of either a current or historical figure who has made significant contributions to international law.

Justice Sector Assessment - This column contains opinion and commentary by an international jurist about some topic of interest to international jurists.

In Review: New Publications on International and Comparative Law — This feature provides a book review of a recent important book in international law.

Historic Moments in International Law — This section describes a historic moment in the development of international law.

Private International Law Discourse — This column features commentary by experts on important issues of private international law.

Judicial Reform Corner — The staff of the IJM will pick a particular subject of judicial reform at the beginning of each year and for one year, in the four issues of that year, the IJM will present an article in each issue focusing on reform efforts of a specific court or specific country in the area of the selected judicial reform subject.

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Persons with expertise in international law who are interested in writing for the International Judicial Monitor are encouraged to submit proposals. Please email us at ijaworld@ijaworld.org and include your name, contact information, title and affiliation, subject of interest, and a brief description of your article proposal.


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