IJA International Judicial Academy

Evaluation of Educational Programs

Since its inception the Academy has offered a variety of educational programs, including seminars, conferences, and study tours (see Past Academy Programs page of the Academy web site for a listing of all Academy programs). The Academy conducts most of its seminars in Washington, DC but it also holds programs in Europe and South America.

At the conclusion of most of the programs, participants are asked to fill out an evaluation form in which they give an overall rating for the program, rate individual sessions and speakers, and comment on their educational experience.

The Academy uses a rating system of 4 to 1, with 4 being the highest rating and 1 being the lowest. In almost every instance, the participants in Academy programs have given an overall rating of either 4 or 3 to the program, indicating a high level of satisfaction among the participants.

Below are some of the comments written by program participants about the educational program they attended.


It was the best seminar that I have ever attended.

Participant from the United States

The seminar has been conducted on an extremely high level by competent speakers. It well combined theoretical lectures with the practical experience of the speakers.

Participant from Central Europe

The great success of the seminar lies in the huge amount of information provided.

Participant from the Peoples Republic of China

The judges highly recommend the International Judicial Academy for programs of training in the judicial/legal area.

Report of judges from Thailand to the U.S. Embassy, Bangkok

Excellent organization. Great level and quality of professors. This course is highly recommended.

Participant from Argentina

What I liked – that the organizers stuck to the schedule, transport, visits with an excellent punctuality. The topics were of great interest. Washington, DC is wonderful. The interpreters were excellent. The number of participants was very appropriate.

Participant from Chile

Everything was fantastic. Thank you very much for this tremendous educational experience.

Participant from the United States

These two weeks have been the most enriching and touching experience of our lives.

Testimonial letter from group of Romanian magistrates

I liked the seminar because the whole structure was highly well organized and planned. Very rich on information relating to both the general and the specific.

Participant from Central Europe