IJA International Judicial Academy

Announcement: New IJA Program for Chinese Law Students

The International Judicial Academy is pleased to announce its partnership with several U.S. law schools to help Chinese students achieve their academic and professional goals in a more efficient and more effective manner

The program, the International Judicial Academy LL.M. Elite Education Program, is designed for Chinese law students and lawyers who plan to pursue the LL.M. degree in the U.S. The Program has four components: program admission, preparatory courses, degree program, and internship.

Program Application

IJA's Selection Committee will select applicants for the Elite Program based on their academic merits, and recommend them to U.S. law schools before or after the applicants complete their preparatory courses.

Preparatory Courses

Students enrolled in the Elite Program will first participate in a series of preparatory courses taught by American law professors, practicing attorneys and other legal scholars in China or in the U.S. before their degree program. The preparatory courses will last for approximately four weeks and cover American civics, including a basic course in the U.S. legal system; course that emphasize skills needed for success in U.S. law schools, including legal research, legal reasoning and legal writing; and a course providing introductions to major legal concepts and principles in certain areas of U.S. substantive law.

LL.M. Degree Program

Upon completion of the preparatory program, students will report to their respective law schools for their LL.M. study. The following U.S. law schools have signed agreement with IJA to accept students from the Elite program:

- University of Illinois College of Law

- Stetson University College of Law

- University of Richmond School of Law

- Charlotte School of Law


Before or soon after graduation from the LL.M. degree program, students can request IJA's advice and assistance in finding legal area internship opportunities in the U.S. and the IJA will provide such advice and assistance. Possible internships include those in courts and with judges, in law firms, and in the legal departments of state and federal government agencies. IJA welcomes Chinese law schools' participation in promoting the Program among their students. For more information about this program, please contact lbao@ijaworld.org